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This Might Be The Most Hipster Item Of Clothing Ever

What’s more clich hipster than biking to work in a plaid shirt?

Biking to work in a plaid shirt with sewn in reflective stripes.

San Francisco clothiers BetaBrand recently introduced a line of shirts with three meters of retroreflective yarn sewn into the fabric, allowing the startup bro’s shirt of choice to double as night safe cycling gear.

"This is a poly cotton shirt that by day is a mild mannered button down, and by night becomes brilliant, ultra reflective shirt that exponentially increases your visibility," designer Steven B. Wheeler states on the BetaBrand website. "It’s perfect for cyclists and commuters who want a casual shirt that will keep them safe at night."

The shirts might be straight out of a "Portlandia" episode, but they do shed light on an increasing safety hazard in cities with large cycling communities like San Francisco, which has seen a troubling spike in bike car collisions.

You dad wore jorts before you did and he’s got the short frayed denim to prove it. Living the three Rs, he Reused his life wrecked jeans by Reducing their leg length and Recycling them back into his wardrobe as stylish Danny Dukes. Now every pair of faded favorites could have a second life as his favorite pair of shorts.

SO HIPSTERS, next time you’re riding a fixie in attire you claim is strictly functional because you can carry your keys and U lock without having your leg movement constricted, remember this.

Your dad wore them because he was helping to save the environment before saving the environment was cool.

Your dad had a mustache before you did and he’s got a warm upper lip to prove it. His homegrown facial bow tie was the envy inducing expression of masculinity that confirmed his omega status within the
replica ray ban sunglasses manly community. Looking like two lost caterpillars on his face, that lower nose Picasso got him discounts at hardware stores, heavy machinery rental companies, and lumberyards.

SO HIPSTERS, when November rolls around and you’re splashing
fake ray bans Rogaine on your pathetic ‘stache or dyeing it black with Just For Men to make it appear fuller, remember this.

Your dad has more testosterone than you will ever have and the proof is sitting on his face.

Your dad had unkempt hair before you did and he has the snarled strands to prove it. Long before looking like you just rolled out of bed became fashion able, your dad’s locks were just as out of control as he was. He didn’t spend hours meticulously disheveling his hair with product, he earned his look. His lengths were styled with motorcycle joyrides, fistfights, and a touch of "I don’t give a fuck."

SO HIPSTERS, next time you’re running your fingers through your nappy strands in front of a dirty mirror in your studio apartment, remember.

Your dad’s hair made him look so gnar that people assumed he’d killed a man and gotten away with it.

Your dad wore tank tops before you did and he’s got the sunburnt shoulders to prove it. As the noncommittal middle ground of wearing or not wearing a chest covering, these shirts screamed summer harder than the bead of sweat dripping down the sunbathing backside of a Daisy Dukes clad undergrad. He was a true follower of Bauhaus and lived a "less is more" life style every time he slipped his slender frame into one of these lady magnets.

SO HIPSTERS, next time you’re calling yourself Rave Heart while dancing the night away in your sweaty party tank, remember this. Your dad ironically ate luxury food when he was poor before you did too.

Your dad wore ugly sweaters before you did and he’s got the embarrassing weavings to prove it. Since before Cosby was a prefix for it and parties were themed around it, your dad was rocking these glorious machine knit pieces. His collection of knit Pollocks and wearable Warhols were the mullets of clothing, formal enough for work, yet wild enough to party in.

SO HIPSTERS, next time you’re digging through the racks at the local thrift store looking for the perfect Cosby sweater for your annually unoriginal ugly Christmas sweater party, remember this.

Your dad’s awesomeness poured into that sweater first and you’re tainting the fibers that once touched greatness. Sweaters + dance party = holy shit I can smell that hipster before I can see him.

Your dad wore neon sunglasses before you did and he’s got the knockoff Ray Bans to prove it. Like a highlighter hugging his eye sockets, his shades were the awesome accent that made him stick out in a crowd. He was a life salmon that swam downstream when everyone else was trying to go up.

SO HIPSTERS, next time you’re hating on the sun with lime green, purple, bright orange, or pink ray blockers that you bought at a gas station, remember this.

Your dad stood out, but you just stand in with the crowd.

Your dad topped it with fedoras before you did and he knows where a killer haberdashery is to prove it. Unlike the 75 IQ baseball hat scarlet letters of the bro class,
cheap ray bans he insisted his headwear look as intelligent as he was. He could speak with his hat a quick tip saluted fine honey dips and slight readjustments shunned half wits.

SO HIPSTERS, next time you’re trying to dress up your skull with some thing other than a beanie, remember this.

Your head’s way too big to fit into your dad’s kind of style.

Your dad was into American Apparel before you and he’s got the plain shirts to prove it. He was
discount ray bans a monochromatic madman who didn’t rep any brand other than his own. He knew all the Pantone numbers and looking into his dresser drawers was like looking into a kaleidoscope of fashion sense.

SO HIPSTERS, next time you’re listening to Sleigh Bells in the dressing room while trying to look indifferent in the mirror, remember this.Articles Connexes:

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Same sex relationships

(Photo: Getty Images / iStockphoto / thinkstock)We
cheap ray bans know the court cases will march on. We know the strictest conservatives and many others will fight on, saying marriage should be between a man and a woman.

But it is the position of The News Press that people
replica ray ban sunglasses should be able to make a free choice of who they want to be with, and it is time for Florida to recognize the rights of same sex couples and make it legal for them to marry.

That a state law still exists requiring a marriage license only be issued for a union between a man and woman is unconstitutional. Many jurists have ruled the same way. So far, 20 states and the District of Columbia have made same sex marriages legal and recently two judges in Florida one in Monroe County and another in Miami Dade have ruled that Florida’s law is unconstitutional.

No matter your faith, no matter your personal beliefs, this comes down to one fundamental fact: The cornerstone of our Constitution is the freedom of choice, whether it be to own a gun, have a child, have your voice heard at a public meeting, your entitlements to public records and your right to choose whom you want to spend your
cheap ray ban outlet life with. These rights must be protected and any law that limits choice breaks down that protection.

The state attorney general, Pam Bondi, believes the ban on same sex marriage is constitutional and the right of choice should be limited. She is appealing the recent rulings.

Bondi believes it’s in the interest of Florida and its families to fight for the constitutional amendment that voters passed in 2008. (Note: Bondi has been married and divorced twice a right she does not want to see same sex couples enjoy).

Clearly, Bondi is not recognizing the fact she is discriminating against a group of people that pays taxes, spends money and works in this state, but doesn’t have the ability to choose who they can marry.

The problem with that and other amendments, as The News Press Editorial Board opined in 2008, is that they were designed to be divisive and discriminatory. There was already a Florida statute banning same sex marriage, but opponents wanted to go further by enshrining discrimination in the constitution. Constitution. v. Windsor, invalidating sections of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act that define marriage as a union between a man and woman.

About week after Garcia’s ruling, Miami Dade Circuit Judge Sarah Zabel followed the same path, declaring the state’s law unconstitutional. You can expect more judges throughout the state to follow suit.

Heather Lunsford, founder of Outreach of the SWFL LGBTQA, believes the recent decisions give gays and lesbians a much stronger voice and platform. "There is a sense of empowerment now," she said.

The Obama administration, which had already stopped defending the marriage act, used that as a reason to extend federal protections and tax rights to any same sex couple who married in a state where such unions are legal. That means that married same sex couples can take advantage of joint tax return filing, Social Security benefits, pre tax health benefits and inheritance tax protections, which many couples may take for granted but amount to hundreds or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings.

We also applaud the Cape Coral City Council for pushing forward with a proposed ordinance that would establish a registry, allowing partners legal rights to participate in health care decisions and other important matters. It’s not a new concept as 55 percent of Florida residents live in cities or counties covered by a Domestic Partnership Registry. The registry is limited, and would be much more effective countywide, but it is a start. How such a registry would impact the Lee
replica ray bans Memorial Health System is unclear, since the system follows state regulations, but LMHS encourages people to file their own directives on who can assist with health care issues.

There’s also the compassion element. Denying the right of a consenting, loving adult couple the right to protect themselves and their assets has allowed for discriminatory practices in hospitals where one partner was denied the right to see another (now illegal for those centers that receive federal money); family disputes where the relatives of one partner may choose to deny the other any right to attend the funeral or earn an inheritance; and the perception that these unions are simply not as important as opposite sex couple unions.

The issue which the court did not address in the 2013 DOMA ruling was whether states need to recognize marriages performed in other states. Ruling that unconstitutional should be inevitable. States already have to recognize a variety of civil actions (driver’s licenses, birth certificates, contracts) across state lines.

History is on the side of expanding the same rights to all Americans.

Editorial board opinions

Opinions from two citizen members of The News Press editorial board:

Michael Reagen: "The ban is wrong, hurtful, discriminatory prompted by skewed ideology and partisan pandering. The courts and the tide of public opinion are correct. Folks should have the right to form private, personal relationships."

Paul Flores:"This is one topic that I am extremely torn. My older brother was gay. I had a difficult time accepting his lifestyle. In 2000, he was diagnosed with HIV and passed away a couple of years later. As we gather around him, during the last moments of his life, he was surrounded by many of his gay friends. It was an extremely difficult time for me and my family. As resistant as I was to the lifestyle and that it goes against every moral fiber that I stood for, he was my brother and I could not stop from loving him. Not only did I have to accept the death of my older brother, but I had to also accept the lifestyle that at the time I blamed for his demise. It was his group of gay friends that not only granted support to my brother, but to my family, as well. I saw first hand that they were happy in their lives and although I was losing my brother, I had gained the insight to my prejudices. I support the happiness of people." Rep. Matt Caldwell, R North Fort MyersArticles Connexes:

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No news is good news for Dog Beach

On a humid July morning, Cebel McCaffrey splashes in the surf with her dog Shadow, a 2 year old boxer mix. Shadow races off to greet two more canines and their owner walking onto the beach.

This is Bonita Dog Park, on the north shore of New Pass, where dogs are allowed off leash.

The beach is actually a sandbar surrounded by water on three sides, and the entire park encompasses five acres between Bonita Beach and Fort Myers Beach. Dogs and their people walk down a path through the mangroves that opens out to a wide stretch of sand, with views of the Gulf and Lovers Key Park.

"I like coming here on weekday mornings," McCaffrey said. "It’s too crowded on the weekends. We come to unwind and get some exercise. I’m glad they’re keeping it open," she added.

Last fall, there was talk of Bonita Dog Park being shut down as an off leash facility. Lee County Commissioner Ray Judah put the park on notice,
replica ray bans saying he’d received reports of waste and trash being left behind. But
discount ray bans members of the volunteer group, Save Our Off leash Dog Area (SOODA), argued that the beach and surrounding areas were being kept clean.

"That’s what we’re hearing today," said John Yarbrough, Lee County Parks and Recreation Director. "In the last nine months or more, I haven’t heard any negative reports. I think the volunteers and most park visitors are keeping it clean."

"I give credit to Pat and Mary DeVincent and the Adopt A Park program," he said. "People are working together to maintain the area. It will not be shut down as long as I continue receiving positive input."

Park maintenance staff go through the facility every morning, Yarbrough said.

"They empty garbage and waste receptacles and replenish the supply of bags for collecting dog waste," he said.

Through the efforts of Pat and Mary DeVincent and SOODA, Bonita Dog Park was officially opened as an off leash facility in May of 2002. Before that, people and dogs enjoyed the beach, but not always as a legal, off leash park.

"We started going there in 1995," Mary DeVincent said, "and everyone let their dogs off leash then. But in 2000, the land was leased from the county to the state, and a little sign appeared near the entrance, showing a dog on a leash."

People started being ticketed for having their dogs off leash.

The DeVincents and others formed SOODA to work with the state and county administrations, seeking a way to reopen the area for dogs. County Commissioner Ray Judah appealed to the state to return the five acres for use as a dog facility.

"Because wildlife doesn’t nest there, it’s appropriate for dogs," Judah said. "During high tide, most of the sandbar is covered and there’s a natural perimeter of rocks and mangroves."

The state agreed to return the land to Lee County Parks and Recreation. SOODA developed the "Adopt A Park" program to maintain the area and educate visitors. SOODA pamphlets are available at the park entrance, next to the bulletin board.

Gary Redmond’s dog, Gertrude, swims serenely a few yards offshore while Redmond relaxes in his folding chair on the sand. "I got her from a shelter in Ohio," he said. "She’s about 3 years old. We come here every other day, and I enjoy it as
discount ray bans much as she does."

Redmond, a retired electrician from upstate New York, recently bought a home in Bonita Springs.

"One of the main reasons I chose Bonita Springs was this dog park," he said.

"The success of Bonita Dog Park has provided momentum for the County Commission to do the same in other parks," Judah said. "I’ve been pushing for dog areas in all our new regional parks."

But Judah is opposed to having dogs on Bunche Beach, east of John Morris Road, where it’s been proposed that dogs be allowed on leashes. "It’s not an appropriate place for dogs,"
cheap ray bans he said. "There are endangered birds, and a turtle’s nest there."

So for now, dog lovers have Bonita Dog Park as the only off leash facility in Southwest Florida.

"We get visitors from all over the world," Pat DeVincent said. "A woman from England wrote to say she named her dog ‘Bonita’ because she loves this beach."Articles Connexes:

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Uralla brewery takes wraps of new brew

ONCE upon time breweries were sprinkled across the region. Tamworth had its Royal Standard Brewery, but in a return to the good old days, Uralla is to become home to the New England Brewing Company.

Beer lovers of the New England will soon toast having their
discount ray bans own beer company with the venture about to start in the Old Wool Store.

The pre loved, 1000 litre brew house equipment that will be used to brew the beer was delivered this week and came from Victorian microbrewery Bridge Road Brewers in Beechworth.

The brewery will initially make two hand made small batch beers, with seasonal beers gradually introduced. The enterprise will also have a tasting bar.

"Small breweries have been increasing in popularity," NEB Co director and head brewer Andrew Tracey Smith said.

"The beers that come out of smaller breweries generally taste great due to that hands on touch of the brewer.

"Beer drinkers are also becoming aware of where their beer comes from, who brews it and the ingredients used.

"Smaller scale breweries don’t have the economies of scale to make cheap beer, so we just put more flavour in the beer itself."

Mr Tracey Smith said he wanted to save locals from having to drink beer made in urban factories.

"We aspire to be a great regional brand and to work with local licensees so they can provide choice to their customers," he said.

"We aim to
replica ray bans supply great beers to the region’s best pubs, clubs, restaurants and bottle shops. Feedback from licensees so far has been very positive."

NEB Co beers will be available in 330ml bottles (six packs and cases) and 50 litre kegs and will only be distributed in the New England and North West.

Fellow director Ben Rylands said the beer would be brewed in Uralla and they wanted the community to feel part of the building and drop in throughout the day.

Mr Rylands said the idea came about eight years ago when he’d been working in regional NSW and was deciding what sort of manufacturing business he could start in a small regional town.

"I’m a convert back to beer after not drinking it for a while, probably because I
cheap ray bans drank too much of it when I was younger," he said.

"Our head brewer, Andrew, has been brewing beer for 15 years and studied brewing at university in Ballarat. It’s taken about eight years to make it happen, but now we want the community to get a lot out of it."

Brewing will begin early next year with a public opening planned for April.

The brewery will be open most days for tastings and short brewery tours will be offered but it will not be a full service bar and won’t serve food as the owners
replica ray ban sunglasses believe Uralla’s pubs and restaurants already do that best.Articles Connexes:

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Personal Hell whats yours

[advert:mpu]So what’s yours? I don’t mean what niggles you a bit or what would make your daily routine a bit more bearable, but what would really REALLY be a living Hell for you, were you subjected to
cheap ray bans it 24/7? Takes a bit of thought, eh? I have to admit that even if I’d been commissioned to think up a more onerous situation for ds1, it couldn’t have been more perfectly awful than it is now.

You see he’s one of nature’s chatterboxes. I guess that’s the way his grandma would describe him. I mean all kids ask lots of questions but he simply DOES NOT SHUT UP. In a nice way of course, but full on, high volume ‘engage me!’ chatter from the very second he gets up till the moment he finally crashes.

In the beginning he’d
cheap ray bans try with the other kids. He’d walk up to them andnatter onjust as he has done a million times inplaygrounds
replica ray ban sunglasses in London. But some kids sniggered, others looked at him asif he were from Mars and one poor kid burst into tears (?!) and nowds1 doesn’tbother. He sits alone at the side of the park playing his little games with himself and it’s just about breaking my heart!

Exploring a little, I find I’m extremely uncomfortable with thiswhole’making friends’ business as well. I know ds1 needs some kids he can speak English to (and sharpish) and we have met a couple of mums I reckon would be good to hang out with. Butthe only ex pats mother’s
cheap ray bans group I’vebeento had that sameawful, desperate randomness of an NCT postnatal group,only distilled. No one had a thing in common (apart from us being all terribly lonely and eager to go through the motions), it was a terrible, depressingslog which reminded me strangely of sixth form. The nextmeet is tomorrow andI can already fell myself making my inner excuses. Ugh.

Just read Victoria Samuel’s piece on how to keep your cool and the bit about reducing stressful momentsrang particularly true. If only ds2′s teeth would all grow at once I might get more than 4 consecutive hours sleep and be able to keep my temper for whole minutes at a time!Articles Connexes:

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Alaska Peacemakers and 4 other high

There’s a self fulfilling prophecy inherent in the sovereign citizen movement in America. Constitution for governance, sovereign citizens occasionally form militias well armed and not infrequently well manned as a way to protect themselves from perceived overreaches of the federal government.

But in forming those organizations, they often draw the attention of law enforcement officials and federal agencies the very organizations they claim are abusing the powers provided to the government by the Constitution. Often,
fake ray bans this culminates in members of the various militias sitting in a courtroom, being adjudicated by entities that they believe have no control over them as sovereign citizens of the United States.

Such has been the case this past month in Anchorage, where Alaska Peacemakers Militia commander Schaeffer Cox and two fellow militia members face federal weapons conspiracy charges and additional charges of conspiring to kill federal employees.

At the core of the trial is a question of intent: Were the militiamen simply talking a big game, or were they passing into the realm of actual, real life threats? The Alaska militia trial is but one of several currently playing out or recently wrapped up around the country.

More: A year of covering Alaska Peacemakers MilitiaModern day militia movements are spurred by increasing discontent among the American populace, especially in midst of a lengthy recession that some believe indicates an America in decline. The movement has waxed and waned in the last two decades, spiking in the 1990s following botched government operations at Ruby Ridge and Waco both of which resulted in the deaths of women and
replica ray bans children before declining in the early 21stcentury.

Recent years have seen another spike in militia activity, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups and militia activity around the country. Economic uncertainty has been one trigger. Another has been the election of President Barack Obama, the first black man to hold the nation’s highest office. This has led to what the center has dubbed "the second wave" of the American militia ideology. are put on trial for either violent or financial conspiracies and crimes. So do other militia cases over the years offer insight? Or is the Alaska Peacemakers Militia case unique in its own right?

Here are four other militia trials from recent history, and how they turned out.

Hutaree (Michigan)Among the most recent militia cases decided in the courtroom was the Michigan "Hutaree" militia trial.

In that case, militia leader David Stone and other militia members were accused of similar charges to Alaska’s ongoing trial, including conspiracy to murder law enforcement officials and weapons charges. Prosecutors alleged that the militia intended to kill a law enforcement officer, and then attack the funeral procession for the fallen officer.

Though nine members of the Hutaree militia were initially arrested in 2010, only seven would eventually stand trial. The Hutaree based their ideology on the impending apocalypse, with the BBC reporting that the group was preparing for biblical end times, according to a statement on the Hutaree’s website which has since either been taken down or abandoned.

In March, about two years after the initial arrests, a federal judge dismissed the most serious charges of conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction and seditious conspiracy essentially plotting to overthrow or go to war against the government against the defendants. That left only two defendants, Hutaree leader David Stone and his son Joshua, to plead guilty to a much less serious charge of possessing a machine gun.

In that case, federal judge Victoria Roberts determined that the evidence against the militia members was largely circumstantial and that the talk of attacking officials never strayed into "a specific plot."

"This ‘plan’ is utterly short on specifics," Roberts wrote in her decision throwing out the charges. "Further, it is a stretch to infer that other members of the Hutaree knew of this plan, and agreed to further it. More importantly, though, is that the alleged plan makes no reference to a widespread uprising against the United States Government."

Proving when the members of Hutaree crossed from simply voicing strong, even dangerous, opinions to an active government threat was at the core of the case. It’s a line that prosecutors in the Alaska militia case are also trying to clearly establish as having been crossed.

Waffle House Gang (Georgia)What’s more American than the greasy spoon diner? And perhaps sovereign citizens are drawn to the star spangled fare of the American breakfast diner. In Alaska, when Peacemakers Militia leader Schaeffer Cox was facing state domestic violence charges, members of Cox’s posse convened at a Fairbanks Denny’s restaurant to hold a common law trial and clear Cox of all charges.

But in the American South, Waffle House reigns supreme when it comes to cheap, homestyle meals consumed under too bright fluorescent bulbs. And another recent case saw a group of four elderly men gathering at a Waffle House in Georgia to discuss, the government alleges, the viability of killing members of the government with biological weapons like the highly toxic ricin.

That’s the gist of the story of the "Waffle House Gang," as the group has been dubbed, though it certainly gets stranger. government.

None of the four men implicated in the case are under 65 years old. Constitution and by extension, the entire country.

More: A year of covering Alaska Peacemakers Militia""There is no way for us, as militiamen, to save this country, to save Georgia, without doing something that’s highly, highly illegal: murder," 73 year old defendant Frederick Thomas reportedly told the informant.

The men were arrested in November of last year. Thomas and 67 year old co conspirator Emory Dan Roberts pleaded guilty in April to conspiracy charges. The two other defendants, 65 year old Ray Adams and 68 year old Samuel Crump, appear to be headed for trial. government, some target other, outside forces. One such group was the Alabama Free Militia, who prosecutors alleged were planning to attack Mexicans in an Alabama townbefore the plotters were arrested in 2007. government. Dillardtold at least one neighborthat there would eventually be a war between white and Mexican Americans.

Dillard and five other associates were arrested for various charges, nearly all related to illegal weapons possession. Among the munitions that investigators found following the arrests were 130 homemade grenades and an improvised grenade launcher.

Dillard’s home which had no running water or electricity wasreportedly also booby trapped, with tripwires attached to hand grenades. Dillard, contrary to his purported anti government sentiments, pointed the wires out to investigators searching the property. Investigators also recovered nearly 100 marijuana plants in the raid.

An informant in the casemet Dillard at a flea marketbefore eventually infiltrating the militia and rising to the rank of "sergeant major" in the group. Dillard was the so called "commander" of the group. That title is the same that Schaeffer Cox was dubbed in the ranks of the Alaska Peacemakers Militia. Cox’s two co defendants, Coleman Barney and Lonnie Vernon, held the ranks of "major" and "sergeant," respectively.

The owner of the Alabama property where Dillard lived said that he would frequently try to recruit new militia members.

Despite the ranking system and the audio and video surveillance conducted during the investigation, Dillard and his associates denied being
cheap ray bans part of a militia, including ever naming their group the Alabama Free Militia. When four of the men implicated in the plot appeared in court, they claimed that they were simply arming themselves in the
cheap ray ban outlet event of a terrorist attack.

Dillardpleaded guilty to the most severe charges, including criminal conspiracy and illegally making and possessing destructive devices. Three other defendants pleaded guilty to helping create the hand grenades, constructed in part with commercial fireworks.Articles Connexes:

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affectionate and intelligent body of
discount ray bans work

Faber Faber 12.99 (hardback)

The Faber published slim volume of poetry continues to carry with it a solemn sense of arrival. Maurice Riordan’s new collection, with its slate grey cover and clean elegant lettering, more than lives up to the promise of the packaging, consisting as it does of an evocative, affectionate and intelligent body of work.

First let’s light up and inhale with a smile of satisfaction the poem that is Sweet Afton. Smokers from back in the day may remember the yellow and amber colours of the packet which carried the words of Robert Burns: "Flow gently, Sweet Afton, amang thy green braes/ Flow gently, I’ll sing thee a song in thy praise."

Riordan takes this as his cue and writes in praise of the cigarette which gave life flavour when he was young and put our lives in danger in less obvious ways: "Even as we drove/ There was a risk we took, a second of blind/ Chance at the wheel to catch the light in one move."

The poem catches the way
cheap ray bans in which cigarettes punctuated rituals, breaking
fake ray bans the ice at funerals and weddings, or even the team in the dressing room at half time having a drag as they wondered what the second half had in store.

In Postcard from San Benedetto de Tronto, raucous families spill out in search of enough square footage of hot sand to plant towel and umbrella in a community "where goodness spreads through the contagion of common needs", be it the sharing of sunscreen or vigilance about thieves: "And here we are ourselves with scarce/ six words between us, taking our bearings from mile on mile of swingball, water pistols, Ray Bans, hour on hour without a thought to cloud/ the blue, as we negotiate legs and lilos, tiptoe through the simmering oiled pulchritude/ to dip from time to time into the Adriatic,/ swimming far our to prove its cold."

It is a close run thing in poems like that whether the elements or the din of the familiar will get you in the end but the path is negotiated calmly by Riordan in a way that oddly manages to be both immersed and detached.

The Cranium is a poem where "the wetware of vessels" is juxtaposed with the delicacy of all the strands of memory and of self contained therein. While such poems have a coolness about them, there are many others by this England based poet from Lisgoold, Co Cork, where he offers affectionate and moving dedications to fellow Cork poets, living and dead, not least in The Hip Flask, a lovely tribute to the late Gregory O’Donoghue.

Earlier in the book there is a catching of childhood in freeze frame, but against the delicacy of the
cheap ray bans chosen words is a sense that the achievement is not without a blood letting.

As an artist, the poet also explores the trickery involved in how things are represented, not least in The Cross where he describes in detail the matchstick model of a village contained in the local pub, before he ambles out around the sleepy street or two to become the miniaturist himself, noting the number plate falling off the Merc, the expired tax disc and the nozzle from the lone pump filling the tank. Enjoyable as the collection would be if it only had the miniaturist’s eye, it is elevated by also having the big heart of a lover of life. Visit the section home page hereArticles Connexes:

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One day I’ll be much smarter than I already think I am

Scientifically speaking, right now, no matter your age, you are the foolish your future self will look back on.

The same hindsight that causes you to regret a must have fashion statement or avoid the ex you once hotly pursued will still be there when you get your first bifocals. Psychologists give this tendency the doomsday sounding name: "the end of history illusion." But I think it’s more like the: "now I can stop killing myself trying to be a better person because it’s hopeless" loophole.

After studying people ages 18 68, they say it appears as though we always think the in the present us is the smart one, not really imagining that next year will cast a different
discount ray bans light on our current scene. They say it could be because we like the ego boost of thinking we’ve fully evolved, or that we lack the imagination to accurately predict the future. Either way it’s a boon.

Finally, I can relax. No more quest for wisdom; I simply acknowledge that I am always going to look back on myself and shake my head in dismay, and suddenly I feel more kinship with the upcoming me. She won’t be any better than I am now, she’ll just think she is. But the "now" me will always know different. Before this starts to feel like a "Twilight Zone" episode about an Escher painting, let me give you a few real time examples.

First to prove I have enough years on which to reflect, I submit the four unrelated facts in this and the following
cheap ray bans paragraph. 1. I realized from her recent obit that I am older than Alice when she started working for the Brady family. 2. I just bought new glasses and had a "who’s on first" conversation with my husband regarding the brand. I said, "Guess?" He said, "Foster Grants, Ray Bans?" I said, "no, Guess? made the glasses."

3. I bought new underwear last month (girls wear panties, unattached women and hot moms wear lingerie) and the tag actually had a drawing of a woman’s midriff replete with a muffin top and the words "No More" to show that the garment was supposed to prevent that condition. Sadly years of wisdom and sourdough tell me this is unlikely. And finally: 4. I was physically present during concerts given by the bands featured on "vintage" T shirts.

Former Rachaels have primarily suffered from being judgmental
discount ray bans and minimally informed. I don’t know if you’ve heard the phrase, "contempt prior to investigation" but I have had years of missed opportunities to grasp its meaning.

I am a gratuitous violence movie fan, but it was a long time coming. I was a city kid and spent that time going to art house movies, mostly black and white, foreign about fringe elements or a Triple Crown combination thereof. I’m happy to say that Jason Statham is on my bucket list and let’s admit it, not everything French open marriage practitioners do is genius, even if it is in monochrome.

My husband eats hard boiled eggs by splitting them open and buttering them like bread. He’s always done this. Though I practically wear a deerskin and have a single feather in my hair because I love butter so much, I never tried it until recently when my son convinced me (he’d already converted long ago, despite my warnings that it seemed wrong and unnatural). Butter on hard boiled eggs is divine.

As a child I thought I’d seen enough pot smoking, underemployed meditators to write that off forever as sloth disguised in a mantle of self awareness. Then a friend sensed, somehow, that I could benefit from wisdom in any form available and meditation prevailed. Sadly I don’t meditate daily (or even weekly) but when I do it cuts down on the intensity, if not the existence, of my current version of foolishness. Meditation also, paradoxically, brings my foibles into surmountable though sharper relief.

I can’t go into all the ways I judge other parents’ methods because I will lose all my parent friends and because I know by now that I’ll high horse around just exactly up to the point at which I start doing things the
discount ray bans same way with my own child.

I used to disdain bloggers, how self centered it seemed. You pontificate on stuff, not even serious newsy type stuff, and just expect others to read it. Now that conclusion seems hasty, but that’s something I’ll think about more next year when I’m smarter and not up past my bedtime writing personal columns for the paper.Articles Connexes:

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Proposals to further restrict access to White House follow security breach

Last Friday evening’s security breach at the White House and its aftermath have underscored two related aspects of the militarization of US society mounting restrictions on public access to government buildings and the devastating psychological impact on soldiers and veterans of America’s dirty wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

At 7:20 PM on Friday, Omar Jose Gonzalez, 42, a heavily decorated Iraq War veteran, jumped the seven foot six inch iron fence surrounding the White House compound and made his way through the front door of the president’s mansion, where he was tackled by Secret Service agents and arrested.

Gonzalez, a marksman who served two tours of duty in Iraq totaling 13 years, told a Secret Service officer that he was concerned "the atmosphere was collapsing and he needed to get the information to the president of the United States so that he could get the word out to the people," according to an affidavit filed in US District Court. For the past two years, following the collapse of his marriage, Gonzalez had been driving around the country and living out of his car.

With the exception of a small pocket knife, he was unarmed when he was seized in the White House entrance hall. President Obama and his family had just left the residence to spend the weekend at the president’s Camp David retreat in the mountains of Maryland.

At a court hearing Monday, federal prosecutors said Gonzalez’s car, parked several blocks from the White House, was found to be holding 800 rounds of ammunition, two hatchets and a machete. The former Army sergeant, whose last residence was Copperas Cove, near Fort Hood, Texas, faces up to ten years in prison on a charge of unlawfully entering a restricted building while carrying a dangerous weapon. He is currently in jail pending a continuation of legal proceedings next month.

Prosecutors also revealed that Gonzalez had been arrested last July by Virginia State Police for reckless driving, eluding police and possessing a sawed off shotgun. Police found 11 guns in his vehicle, including shotguns, handguns and sniper rifles, and a map of Washington DC with the White House encircled. Gonzalez was released on bond after his arrest.

In August, Secret Service officers saw Gonzalez loitering near the south fence of the White House, carrying a hatchet in the back waistband of his pants. They searched his car and let him go. Following that encounter, the Secret Service learned of Gonzalez’s July 19 arrest in Virginia.

Relatives say Gonzalez suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and needs to be treated rather than dealt with as a criminal. His ex wife, Samantha Bell, told the press that she and Gonzalez
cheap ray bans married in 2006 and lived together until she split up with him in 2012 because of his
discount ray bans worsening mental condition. After his second tour in Iraq, Gonzalez began carrying a .45 on his hip at all times and kept three or four rifles and shotguns behind the doors of their home, Bell said.

Gonzalez is one of a growing number of soldiers and veterans who have been psychologically and emotionally crippled by their participation in wars in which they are involved in atrocities and war crimes. The impact is reflected in soaring rates of alcoholism, drug abuse, homicide and suicide among active duty soldiers as well as veterans.

In 2012, Army Chief of
cheap ray bans Staff General Ray Odierno said suicides were the leading cause of death in the Army, ahead of combat fatalities. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, each day an estimated 18 military veterans take their own lives.

Following the incident Friday evening, Secret Service officials immediately blocked pedestrian access to Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House compound. Vehicular access in the vicinity of the White House to the major thoroughfare
fake ray bans has been halted since the 1995 terror bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

A year ago, United States Capitol Police shot and killed a woman who had driven her car into a barrier at the White House and then driven toward the Capitol. The woman had her 18 month old daughter in the back seat.

The ability of tourists, residents and those wishing to protest US government policies or make other political statements to stand in front of the White House compound on Pennsylvania Avenue has been considered an expression of freedom of speech as guaranteed by the US Constitution.

More sweeping restrictions on public access and the ability to assemble and protest are under consideration. The Secret Service is discussing permanently removing tourists and other visitors from the sidewalks that ring the perimeter of the White House compound.

It is also considering installing additional barriers on Pennsylvania Avenue on a permanent basis, screening the bags of tourists who enter part of a pedestrian walkway in front of the White House, and establishing checkpoints blocks from the White House where police will check the bags of pedestrians. All of these measures violate basic civil liberties spelled out in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

The supposed threat of terror attacks on the US "homeland" by ISIS and the newly announced Khorasan group are being cited as justifications for further walling off the White House from the public and increasing the police presence in the area, indicating the way in which the new war in the Middle East will be used to escalate the attack on democratic rights at home. New York Republican Congressman Peter King, a member of the House Homeland Security Committee, said Congress would investigate the White House intrusion and linked the incident to potential terror attacks by "extremist groups such as ISIS."

In an editorial Tuesday arguing against the imposition of such measures, the Washington Post wrote, "Washington cannot be allowed to become any more of an armed camp," in effect acknowledging that the nation’s capital already is "an armed camp."Articles Connexes:

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cheap ray bans Page

Home Family SportsMy name is Angela Megan Pazzaglia, and I am a 21 year old psychology major at Elmira College. Upon graduating from EC,
cheap ray bans I plan to enter graduate school to work on my doctorate in Experimental Psychology. My goal is to perform research in my field and eventually become a college professor.

I was born and raised on a dairy farm just outside of Roseville, Pennsylvania. I attended Warren L. Miller Elementary School and Mansfield Junior/Senior High School in Mansfield, PA. I was very active in multiple school organizations throughout
fake ray bans high school including Key Club, band, volleyball, basketball, softball, track, and club volleyball. I was also inducted into our school’s chapter of the National Honor Society and elected as the class treasurer. I was a Youth Leader, reading tutor, and graduated as Valedictorian.

My interests include reading, movies, music, hanging out with my friends, running, hiking, and doing anything else that involves being active and outdoors. I enjoy trying new things, and I am determined to go sky diving and learn to surf. I love all animals, especially my cats Reese (pictured below) and Sonia. I love
cheap ray ban outlet summer and the beach, so I plan on moving south after finishing grad school. I also enjoy watching TV, and my favorite shows are House, all of the Law and Order shows, American Idol, and Gilmore Girls.Articles Connexes:

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