Training Programs

Nursing Professional Development Training Programs

  • Asia Pacific Healthcare Academy (APHA), a Melorita associate company offers various short-term courses, seminars, workshops and personal coaching to enhance the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals.
  • The training programs of APHA are conducted by highly qualified and experienced practicing nurses and trainers from Malaysia, ASEAN, Middle East, USA, Canada, UK and Australia.
  • Melorita’s international affiliations with leading Medical Centres in Saudi Arabia and Middle East enables us to draw upon the pursing educational resources of these institutions for the advancement of the nursing profession in Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, China and other countries in ASEAN and the Far East.

The Programs offered by APHA include:

  1. Prepatory courses for working as an International Nurse
  2. MELORITA International Nursing Assessment Tests (M.I.N.A.T)
  3. Special English Course for Nurses
  4. Drug Calculation, Preventing Medication Errors & Drug Administration
  5. Medical Terminology and Abbreviations
  6. Physical Assessment
  7. Intravenous (IV) Cannulation
  8. Nursing Documentation and Nursing Process
  9. Life Support Programs (BCLS I ACLS)
  10. Application of Critical Thinking and Nursing Process in Clinical Practice
  1. Nursing Research
  2. Effective Communication Skills and Grooming for Nurses
  3. Effective Patient Safety knowledge and Skills for Nurses
  4. Front-line patient I Customer Relations Skills and Techniques
  5. Stress Management for Nurses
  6. Computer Skills for Nurses
  7. Spoken Arabic for Nurses
  8. International Nursing Career Opportunities for Nurses
  9. Nursing Clinical Updates on various topics

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