Dream of an International Career but want to be close to home? Work in Singapore now!

Melorita Healthcare provides opportunities for Staff Nurses & Enrolled Nurses (SEN) to enhance their nursing career in an international environment. Here, you will be able to double your salary as well as develop your nursing skills. Being close to home is also an advantage as you have no trouble travelling back to be close to your loved ones.

Working in Singapore is an excellent career choice. Currently, Singapore hosts 12 hospitals and medical facilities that are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), thus accounting for one-third of all JCI-accredited medical institutions in Asia.

Melortita represents a number of these leading hospitals. In general, the pay and conditions for health professionals are attractive and Melorita can assist you with that move across the causeway.

Our current client list include:
• National University Hospital
• Parkway Medical