Making Dreams Come True – How International Nursing Allowed me to Achieve My Dream of Becoming a Doctor

“Never give up to chase your dream and passion. Your life is your message to the world, make sure it is inspiring.” -(Anonymous)

Like one of the many students, I developed the interest to study as, with time, I learnt to believe that study grants a better future. I have always been amazed with how science interacts closely with our daily livings and body systems. This is why I have had the strong interest in medicine since high school. However, I could not afford to pay for a medical school and I opted to happily enrol in a nursing programme at Gleneagles Academy of Nursing.

I graduated as a registered nurse in July 2009 and started my nursing career in Intensive Care Unit, Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur, after 6 months of ICU Simulation Programme. The working experience in ICU was satisfying and challenging. I was able to apply specialized knowledge to care for critically ill patients who were often on the verge of life and death.

Despite being strongly committed to my role as a nurse, I never gave up my dream to pursue a medical degree. When I came across Melorita Healthcare, I suddenly foresaw the possibility to work abroad with the twofold benefit: to make a new experience and to save money. Everything went smoothly through after the meeting with Ms Mary Elizabeth, the Executive Director of Melorita Healthcare. Melorita had created for me the “sliding door” in my professional career.

In 2012 I moved to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where I have spent 4 years 5 months in Prince Sultan Cardiac Centre. There I started as staff nurse in Paediatric Cardiac Surgical Care Unit and, one year later, in January 2013, I was promoted as a charge nurse in the same unit, a position that I held until November 2015. Then I was appointed as a Nursing Continuous Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (CQI & PS) Coordinator and later as an Acting Nursing CQI & PS Facilitator (equivalent to a head nurse position) for the last 6 months before leaving Saudi Arabia.

The golden opportunity created by Melorita has made my dreams come true. Not only was I able to advance my nursing career, to travel around the world, to accomplish a bachelor degree in nursing science and to attend paediatric cardiology courses in the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Canada, but I could also save money to achieve my original dream of entering a medical school

I feel deeply indebted to Ms Mary Elizabeth and Melorita Healthcare for the great career opportunity they gave me and to my mother and my brother who have been extremely supportive all along my journey. Furthermore, I truly value all nursing tutors and clinical instructors of Gleneagles Academy of Nursing and International Medical University because without the guidance of eachone of them I would have not come this far! To all my junior colleagues, I would advise to pursue lifelong learning, always seeking excellence, being dedicated in your profession and respectful towards your colleagues and patients and …. “never give up your dreams!”

By Ng Su Wei

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