Nothing Comes Easy (By Sim Choon Mei)

Nothing Comes Easy

Melorita had mobilized our very FIRST candidate, Ms. Sim Choon Mei (far left), to Bahrain recently. With her determination to stay strong and believe that she will continue to succeed in applying for an international nursing career, Ms Sim was offered a job at the Bahrain Defense Force Hospital (BDFH) and is loving every moment of it. This is what she had to say about her journey with Melorita Healthcare.

“I actually do not have much to comment, but, first of all, I am proud to be the first candidate to travel alone to Bahrain. Bahrain is a very nice country, there is freedom and you can travel anywhere you like. I was waiting for application for KSA to be approved. I had not given up and  decided to seek the advice of Ms Mary to send my CV to another hospital. With her help, my CV  was sent to Bahrain hospital. Within 2-3 days I got a phone call from the hospital and received the offer letter a month later.

There were many challenges that i had to face during the Bahrain application. As the a quote states, ” Nothing comes easy”. You will have to work     towards achieving the best things in life.

I use my critical thinking to tackle every situation and to move on to proceed in achieving my dreams. .There was a time I felt like giving up on my application, but with the continuous motivation and encouragement by Ms. Mary Elizabeth, I am in BAHRAIN!  It was a rough journey, but I will appreciate what Melorita has done for me and i know that whatever difficulty I face in the future,Ms Mary  will always be there for me.  Thank you Melorita for making my dreams come true!

From Bahrain with Love

Sim Choon Mei

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