Saudi Arabia- The Experience is Priceless! (by Misha Samantha)

I chose to work in Saudi Arabia mainly because i wanted to broaden my experience and knowledge apart from the benefit of earning a good income which then helped me with some of my financial responsibility, I was used to being away from my friends and family so it was not really a big deal for me. However, I always miss home food.

Working in KSA has been a wonderful experience. Initially, you might feel it is tough because you have to get used to new environment, new friends, new culture, new working system. However, if you are the kind who loves your job, you will get around things easily. Adjustment takes time but you need to give yourself time to absorb everything in stages. You need to have an open mind and eager to learn as there are many new things to learn. Don’t be afraid to ask and never be ashamed to say that you don’t know about something if you are really not sure of it. My first few months in Saudi was a bit tough and I never thought I would ever make it or even complete a one year contract. However, I persevered and I stayed on for 3 years working in the Emergency Department of KFSH – Jeddah. It was really an experience of a lifetime which I will never forget. It was a completely different experience from nursing in Malaysia. I must say that I have learn a lot, gained so much more valuable experience from working in Saudi. I have also gained more confidence in working as a nurse.

Saudi is a nice place to work – only if you know how to respect the culture and the law. Abiding the law and culture or the norms of life in Saudi is very important. You will hear different stories from different people, good and bad experiences. However, I must tell you this – whatever it is, as long as you follow the rules & regulation, you will always be safe. We were fortunate because our hospital provided us transport for shopping & for work. There are buses going to different shopping malls every day/night. They will provide you with bus schedule and you can choose which mall you want to go to on which day. There is also a bus going to the nearest supermarket everyday. Transportation is for FREE! The hospital will also provide you with an apartment which is fully furnished. The hospital have social club which is for the employee. They arrange trips within Saudi every now and then. You can plan for trips at a very low cost.

Everybody should experience working in Saudi at least once in their lifetime. I never thought I would ever work in Saudi but I made it happen. I’m glad I did. Melorita helped me fulfill that challenge. So…take the challenge! The sky is the limit. You will never know your worth or what you are capable of until and unless you challenge yourself. And what better way to challenge yourself when you can earn good money all at the same time!

The experience is priceless!

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