Hopes and Aspirations – An Expectation

My Mum nursed me when I was unwell as a child. She stayed up all night administering cold compress, made sure I took my medicines on time and saw to all of my comfort and needs. When she was unwell I tried to do the same from what I had observed her do for me. At 10 years of age I nursed some kittens and little birds back to life. From that young age I already understood that life is precious. Whenever I watched movies depicting young people rescuing small helpless animals or doctors, nurses and emergency personnel working to resuscitate injured or sick people, a feeling of warmth crept over me and I was glad when the animals/people got better. That was the start, I guess, of my ‘nursing’ career. When I entered elementary school, I enrolled in my school’s Red Cross Society of my own accord, not goaded on by my Mum. After my high school again it was my own decision to sign up for Nursing Studies. So in a sense it is accurate to say I’ve had it in me all this while.

The desire to advance myself – to increase my aptitude – means I have had to decide to break out of my comfort zone here in my country of origin, Malaysia. Better opportunities are out there in the far reaches of the world. So on the one hand it takes a lot of decisive planning, brevity and a gritty sense of wanting more positive exposure in sophisticated hospital settings overseas – which no doubt will open doors for me to realize my full potential – for me to succeed in honing my skills which is vital in my career. On the other hand, I shall expect this experience to culminate in the chance to not only enhance my skills and competencies exponentially but open up opportunities to further my studies in the near future. Until then I am just taking things one at a time.

Life experiences mould character and everyone has to go through it. It either makes or breaks; therefore it is wise to give time to ruminate upon life-changing decisions before making it. I would not say whether I have had more or less or a struggle than any typical person I know as I would rather keep my eyes focused on future events than mope about what I’ve been through. Nursing is a noble profession and anybody who is good in the science subjects and has a heart for the well-being of others should give it a thought as a good career option.

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