Penang Career Roadshow

We at Melorita always look at ways to assist our candidates in securing a job internationally. With a successful portfolio in the past 40 years, we are striving to build more international nursing job opportunities by building relationships with new clients globally.

Melorita Penang had recently organised a career roadshow which saw more than 50 candidates filling up the seats to gain knowledge on applying for a nursing career abroad.The career roadshow was carried out to help candidates understand the range of options available as Melorita had recently expanded its wings to USA, Australia, UK, Maldives, Bahrain and the UAE.

Our officers did not miss a chance to mingle and assist candidates in their application process.

For those who had missed this event, do not worry as we have more events and career fair to come your way. For more information, please call any of our offices nearest to you or keep yourself connected to our Facebook for more updates!

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