The first time I met Nur Hazwani was in a road show in Melaka. She was a person that never gave up in pursuing her dreams in international nursing. A bubbly and happy go lucky person in nature, Nur had the determination that she wanted to live comfortably with great financial freedom in order to upgrade herself and to support her family whom she loves the most.

Her application was rejected at the very first time she walked in for the road show, but she did not take NO for an answer. She visited us again and immediately was given forms to fill. From that time on, she knew that she is on the journey receive her dream job soon!

Days went by, weeks and months passed by, and she was anxiously contacting me to know her update and the only answer I had for her was to keep her spirit high, think positive, be patience and pray. Yes, she did until one day she appeared in office to receive and sign off her offer letter from a client hospital in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I still remember how excited she was on the day.

Today, Nur is a Staff Nurse in King Abdul Aziz Medical City, Riyadh and is attached to the Acute Surgical Unit. Meeting with her a few months ago made me think how international nursing has changed a life of a nurse. I have seen many nurses returning from the Kingdom and visiting us at our offices. What impresses me the most is how they carry themselves with great happiness and yes, certainly they have reached the peak of having a comfortable life.

“I am a million miles away from my family, in a foreign land. The language and culture is a big barrier to me but I was determined to pick it up with the help of my friends around. Being alone in a new place is quite challenging, but as a person who loves challenges, I had overcome every obstacle when I newly reached the Kingdom and now I feel that I am a part of it. The more you prepare yourself mentally, physically and emotionally, the more you can overcome challenges and gain great experience. I would like to thank Melorita Healthcare for making my dream come true. Melorita is the best!” –Nur Hazwani Bt Ja’afar

During her career in the Kingdom, Nur has travelled to many different countries, met new friends and made frequent visits back to Malaysia to visit her friends, family and even us! She had a big smile when I met during her last visit to Melorita.

Thank you, Nur for allowing Melorita to be a part of your life. We wish you the very best in your career pathway!

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