Sacrifice and Success

Rohana Zain has been a Registered Nurse for the past 17 years and has made her transition in an international nursing career with Melorita Healthcare. She was first offered in King Faisal Hospital & Research Centre, Jeddah since 2009 and never looked back ever since her move to Saudi Arabia. In a recent email interview with Rohana, she was overwhelmed to share her experiences and the benefits while working in Saudi Arabia, and we would like to share it with you!

“I am so blessed for the opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia. Amazing people, great experience and people here are so nice towards Malaysians. The language barrier is one common factor but I made it a point to learn basic Arabic and I am happy that it had helped me communicate with my colleagues and friends here. Working in Saudi Arabia had allowed me to earn an attractive remuneration package and the tax-free salary helped me pay off my debts, making me debt free to think about my future in a peaceful manner. No worries anymore! “

While enjoying her work life in the Kingdom, Rohana did not forget to indulge in some interesting activities during her off days. She travelled to many neighbouring countries, enjoyed shopping, and yes, did we mention she is one health freak! She works out every now and then to stay healthy and fit. We were amazed at her Instagram photos and she is certainly a role model to those who want to make your way to a healthy lifestyle.

Despite her busy schedule, Rohana had also managed to complete her Degree in Nursing while working in the Kingdom.

“Working abroad is awesome, especially in Saudi Arabia. With great benefits such as tax-free salary, 54 days of annual leave, free accommodation and transportation, free annual flight tickets, year-end service bonus, 12 months renewable contract and much more, I am grateful to ALLAH for providing me with this opportunity through Melorita. Every day, I began to think back of my hardship and how international nursing had helped to where I am today. There is no short cut to success. Being away from my family is a challenging thing. There is not one day I have cried alone but I was determined to wake up to achieve my dream. Good people around me kept me motivated and I started to move forward, making an effort to succeed. “

When asked her about her advice to all nurses and upcoming nurses, here is what she has to say:-

“I encourage all nurses out there to take up a challenge in your life. If you want to improve the quality of your life, stay strong and move forward. Don’t worry about what you have to sacrifice, but sacrifice is good as it is a key to success. Continue to learn and preserve. “

With all this said, Melorita healthcare would like to thank Rohana in sharing her great story with us and we hope that her story will inspire all nurses out there to move forward to achieve their dream in having a great and comfortable life.

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