United States of America

Nursing jobs in the USA offer many rewards for experienced, qualified nurses with a proven commitment to patient care. You have the opportunity to work with quality hospitals and healthcare facilities across the USA and experience cutting-edge technologies to develop new skills in your nursing areas of practice.

With the nursing shortage in America, there are more opportunities for nurses and their families from other countries to live and work in the United States. Top facilities are turning to healthcare professionals outside of the U.S. to ensure that they can continue to provide a high level of care.

Nursing jobs in the USA come with green card or Permanent Residency opportunities for the successful candidate and their family members which offers immediate relocation to the USA with your family members.

To work in the USA Nurses must have passed the IELTS English testing with a score of 7 and also pass the NCLEX examination to register to work as a nurse in the USA. If you would need more information about the IELTS and NCLEX exams please call us and we will guide you through it.

If you are interested and have the required qualifications please contact us by sending an email indicating “Working in USA” to suriah@melorita.com or call us at 1300 88 NURSE (68773)